Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Puppy Love

Funny ... I think it's funny. Batrisyia, my 6 years old daughter is madly in love. The love of her life, at least for the last 6 months is Shahid, a cute little hunk with a missing front tooth.

Tisha started talking about Shahid since early this year, barely a week after school started. Shahid's cute, Shahid's nice, everything's about Shahid. She's very open about her "feelings" for Shahid. One fine morning at school, Tisha said to me, Ibu,if you want to know how Shahid looks like ...just call out his name,the one who responded will be him. Try it, Just don't tell him that I want to marry him OK.

Just last month she told me that Shahid had chosen her. Well, after so many months of being non responsive to any conversations about Shahid (I can tell you that there are lots and lots of Shahid's story, which would be too many to share) I decided to ask some questions about the boy in my only daughter's life. So ... what did Shahid say when he CHOSE you? Were there other girls? How did it happen? With a big smile ... she answered ... I asked him who will he marry when he grows up, and he told me that he will marry me. Aaa .. Are you kidding me? What's with the question? Why did you asked him the question? He likes me, that's why I asked. I know that he likes me.

I asked Fakri, my nephew who goes to the same preschool with Tisha. Fakri, kenal Shahid tak? Fakri answered: Kenal... Shahid nak kawin dengan Tisha .. dia suka Tisha. Mann... the whole school knows about this? I wondered .. hmm ... so I asked Zaim and Zahier, Tisha's brothers the next day about Shahid. It's not that I was worried, just curious. Abang, do you know Shahid? Zaim answered: Kenal ... abang main bola kat surau dengan Shahid. But Shahid is only 6 years old and you guys are 11 & 12, how come he is playing football with people much older then himself. Zaim answered: We've checked him out Ibu. He is cool. Don't worry.

I am sure there is nothing to worry about ...though just last Tuesday she asked me to pick an outfit from a wedding magazine for her engagement and has been telling her friends that she wants to save money to prepare for her wedding and has been reminding me to invite Shahid to her Birthday Party, which is in January. I am sure these love thing is normal. I think.

One good, positive thing that came out from this love story is that compared to last year, it is much easier now to get Tisha to wake up and get ready for school. Last year, I practically had to drag or carry her to the bath room but this year ... she even bathe herself... I have Shahid to thank for this.

BTW today's Kiki's Birthday ... Happy Birthday sweet little thing!


Cwynire said...

Puppy love at 6 ... waah ... i suppose pretty girls are often this lucky. "... Just don't tell him that I want to marry him OK." ... amazing how this came from a 6 year old - very maturedlah this young lady!

Tell Ziki aunty Buddy said Happy Belated Birthday ya ...

Ristina said...

Kind of scary actually. Imagine 10 years from now ... at 16 ..